Kirby Castlers
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Update 3

The 2018 AGM was held on 5 July 2018 this year, a week later than normal due to the fact that the FIFA World Cup competition was under way and England’s world cup squad had done rather better than expected, they were through to the knock out stages. So what with having to reschedule their return tickets and extend their hotel bookings, besides having to try out a few new ‘set pieces’ and pull in some extra training they probably overlooked that their fixture clashed with our AGM which we had already arranged for the 28 June 2018.

The AGM was somewhat different this year because the secretary was unable to attend due to an injury and the members that were able to attend were still having trouble facing up to the truth about their team’s capabilities following England’s departure from the World Cup the previous week.

At the AGM it was decided that we would field 3 teams for the 2018/19 season in divisions 3, 4 and 5 respectively, but things did not work out that way because the league was restructured from top to bottom including the introduction of the ‘Declared Team System’ with teams being shunted up or down the divisions according to their clubs playing strength, culminating with 9 teams in Divisions 1, 2 & 5 and 8 teams in divisions 2 & 4.
Kirby Castlers were quite agreeable to this shake up although it does mean that until this season’s results can rectify any anomalies our 1st and 2nd teams we will have to play in Divisions 2 and 3 respectively.

A few days after the AGM Jim Cowley informed us that due to his injuries he would be unable to continue as club secretary or participate in any chess games for the foreseeable future, but indicated that it might be a possibility that he could resume where he left off should he recover sufficiently from his injuries.
We were of course extremely sad to receive this news and wish to place on record our appreciation of the work that Jim has already done and convey to him our very good wishes.

At the end of last season John Whitmore left us to start a totally new club in Anstey, appropriately enough called Anstey Chess Club. We wished him every success with his new venture and just as we had hoped they got off to a good start with a 2.5 – 1.5 victory away from home, unfortunately it was against us. .Anyway we hope their success continues for the rest of the season, (except for the return match). Good Luck John!

We are pleased to welcome 5 new members to the club this season.
Joining Nick Harwood who played a few games for us last season, are Dan Watson, Karan Thomas, his father Titus Thomas and Alan Geary. Alan (who suffered a heart problem some time ago and has not played any competitive chess for 36 years) is especially welcome and he started his new campaign with a well-deserved win against one of his former clubs, Market Harborough. Well done Alan!

Of the 3 teams we entered for the 2017/18 season, the 2nd team playing in division 5 were placed a very creditable second and were unlucky not to finish in top spot after pushing a very strong Oadby side into third place. The 1st and 3rd team captains were not available for comments and refused to issue a statement, but under cross examination one of their players was believed to have uttered, ‘if they were all as good as me, we would have won easy,’ this player left the club shortly afterwards and is now doing equally as well in one of the lower divisions of the bowls league…ladies section.

The players in all of our teams can honestly say that they enjoyed playing their games and after all that is why we all play chess, success or failure is merely a by-product, the result of what happens whilst we are enjoying ourselves. Of course, if we should find ourselves at the top of any division come the end this season we reserve the right to totally reverse this analogy.

In February of this year Ewan our webmaster told us that due to other commitments he would have to stop hosting the web site; seven months later we find ourselves being very thankful for his patience and grateful to him for keeping the site open thus far.
The club members are aware of the situation and realise that something has to be done, we are determined not to continue to take advantage of Ewan’s good nature in this way we will be trying to get this issue resolved very soon.

To bring this resume up to date I can report that the of the three games we have played so far this season the 3rd team lost their opening match 3-1 to Anstey (as mentioned previously). The 1st team kicked off the LRCA league in the first match of the new season losing 2.5 – 1.5 away to Syston. In their second game they beat Ashby 2.5 – 1.5 in which all our players contributed to the score. Simon whose last minute win spearheaded the teams victory, had kept a captive audience spellbound for the final tense 20 minutes in an extremely competitive match. The 2nd team have yet to play and start their campaign on 9th Oct 2018 away to Syston.

Finally, we feel it will be much tougher for our 1st & 2nd teams in the higher divisions this season, but we intend to enjoy our games and let the results come as they may.